In the wake of tragedy and loss, Caspian Hythe has returned to his family’s ancestral home in England.

But home is not as it should be.

No longer a place of safety or peace, home is now a place of horror and fear. For an ancient mystery has re-awakened – bloodthirsty and unimaginable – something is killing in the town of Guildford.

And the trail of blood is just the beginning.

From the creator of the award-winning SciFi Fantasy novels TAU4 and HAMMERSPACE, comes a new Fantasy and Dark Sorcery series.

Now a young man will pit himself against an ageless evil as he travels a deadly path toward the ultimate mystery of all.

Love ….. Hate.
Life ….. Death.
What lies between them is a RABBIT HOLE.

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Sample RABBIT HOLE here

Spoiler Alert for Book One, Rabbit Hole!



Winner, 2013 San Francisco Book Festival Awards
(Sci Fi Division -
Second Place)


Winner, 2012 London Book Festival Awards
(Sci Fi Division -
Second Place)

Winner, 2011 San Francisco Book Festival Award Contest
(Sci Fi Division,
Honorable Mention)


Winner, 2010 San Francisco Book Festival Award Contest
(Sci Fi Division,
Second Place)


Winner, 2010 New England Book Festival Awards
(Sci Fi Division -
Second Place)

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News on RABBIT HOLE and VJ Waks:

I am delighted to launch this early draft of the cover for the upcoming short fiction horror anthology:  DTME-cover-v02h


Brand New! Book 3 of the TAU4 Series
Looking GlassRetooled and eerily polished; check for release dates later this Fall 2014
Page of WandsBrand New! Book 3 of the RABBIT HOLE Series

British Screwball Comedy
Screenplay Synopses
by V. J.Waks

          (Nicholl's Quarter-Finalist Script)

  • "Loving Lord H."
  • And watch here for something completely different .....
    ...... WORLD WITHOUT TEETH .......

    Coming Soon to A Galaxy Near You

    Double Award Winner!
    RABBIT HOLE has been awarded Runner-Up in
    the Science Fiction Category at the
    San Francisco Book Festival
    in the Science Fiction category!
    Runner-Up in the
    Science Fiction Category at
    the London Book Festival
    in the Science Fiction category!

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    From V.J. Waks, the creator of the award-winning SciFi/Fantasy series
    Tau4 and Hammerspace comes:

    Rabbit Hole

    A Fantasy novel of dark sorcery, passion, and power

    What lies between them is a RABBIT HOLE.

    Sample RABBIT HOLE here

    An avid raptor enthusiast, V.J Waks is a member and supporter of HawkWatch International and the British Falconer's Club

    Several of my screenplays and the Rabbit Hole Series owe their flavour and authenticity to the U.K, in particular the town of Guildford and its beautiful setting in the Surrey countryside, are featured in the Rabbit Hole series, and in my screenplays.
    Learn more about them here:

    Visit Guildford

    Visit Surrey

    The Lewis Carroll Society of the UK

    Palan from Hammerspace

    Gamers: the first of our TAU4 figures, PALÁN is now available! Watch for RABBIT HOLE series figures to come soon.



    Sample HAMMERSPACE here
    Spoiler Alert for Book One, TAU4!
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    "Simply brilliant! V.J. Waks delivers a sequel on par with the best.
    A sexually charged story of passion ... a page turner that leaves you begging for more."

      C. E. Rocco, Dragon Roots Magazine


            "Moving from TAU4 to HAMMERSPACE has been a joy ... a tremendous story,
    powerful imagery, with sensual intensity and raw action
    that builds to an amazing climax ... it's a must- read Sci Fi.

    Acheson Creations

    "The first volume in a new science fiction series chronicling the transformation of Gerda Tau,
    a humanoid creature struggling for freedom, "Tau 4" by V. J. Waks is a superbly crafted work
    that will engage the reader's total attention from beginning to end."

    See more of our newest great review,  now on
    Midwest Book Reviews

    "The perfect killing machine. That's what the Homeworld Alliance wants in their war
    against the Outworlds. but the perfect killing machine in this case is made of flesh and blood......."

    Yellow30 Sci-Fi - Tau 4 was nominated for a Pluto Award by this site!

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